Saturday, July 18, 2020

Wordpress, Platforms, Customer Experience

For a while, I didn't want to install wordpress on my site.
It drives me crazy with the plugins and themes etc.
Plus, always looking for tutorials for how to do this and that etc.

As a coder, it doesn't seem to be easy to style it the way I want to.
Because you need a plugin to do custom CSS. 😒
And there are premium themes and plugins, and paid.

So the paid versions are the ones I'd need to do what I want.
When you're first starting out, you may not have the cash to spend
getting set up, etc...

Etc.... Etc.... (I'm feeling redundant today!) 😂

A well known marketer is quoted as saying:
"If you can't afford to spend $200/month on your business...
You shouldn't be in business...." -RB.

I'll quote him with his initials.
Because I don't like talking about him (or his platform).
He said this quote in a video he did.
He was talking about his competitors (another platform)
that was under pricing him.
(Probably still is). 😂

The thing is with the new platform... (Not as new anymore)
Was that the ONLY payment method they had was PayPal.
A lot of people had their PayPal accounts closed, permanently.
So when that happened, they lost the ability to pay for the platform,
AND they lost the 'grandfathered in' status. 😒
Because their accounts closed due to non-payment
(because they couldn't have a backup payment method). 😒

So they screwed themselves AND their customers on that.

The platforms I'm talking about are site builders.

If I was a bomb at programming, I just would do it myself.
I'm a coder, not a programmer, so I still rely on platforms
that already have a CMS (content management system)
even though most (not all) of the platforms SUCK!
(Or elements of them SUCK!)

But this is coming from MY perspective
as a coder who wants to be able to do more.

The reason why I even mentioned that quote is....
To people like RB, it's about the money.
It's obviously not about the customers.
He's all proud of his 'product'
(As generic as it is....) 😴

Yeah, to make money, you gotta spend money.
Whether it's on platforms or whatever,
or training, or inventory....

But, the more affordable something is,
the more it will sell
because the people who can afford it will be able to afford it.

This is part of the reason why I tell people about FREE tools.
People are already spending an 💪 and a 🦵 on products
and services for their business, if they CAN.

Those who can barely afford to be in business...
Are struggling.

People who are making money, hand over fist, like RB,
don't want to think about what it would be like
not to be able to afford $200/month on ONE tool.

Because other tools cost money, too.

And yes, they are in business to make money.
That is the whole point.

BUT, what I'm saying is it's also ABOUT the customers.
If you show that you care about your customers....
And they aren't just a digit to you,
then you stand to gain a lot more in the long run.
If it weren't for the customers, there wouldn't BE a business.
If nobody wanted to 'rent' his product or services...
He wouldn't be making money.
He wouldn't be bragging, 

and he'd be eating a nice BIG slice of  Humble Pie. 

His quote did NOT make me want to buy his 'product.'
No matter what the 'benefits' may be.
His attitude alone doesn't justify me paying that dude $200/month.

He said some similiar stuff about another competitor.
Comparing 'active members'
to someone who JUST started in the market.
Not a fair comparison,
but AGAIN, his attitude SUCKS
and it doesn't make me want to do business with him, period.

Show that you care! It shows!
It really shows when you don't....

If it's a free training, it's a free training.
If it's a free sample, whatever it is....

I know.... A lot of people have said that if it's free,
they won't appreciate it....

It's like people have associated the VALUE of something
with the COST of something.

Just because it costs $200/month....
Doesn't mean it's WORTH $200/month.
Not with the "I'm better than you" attitude.
Not with the "You shouldn't be in business" attitude.
Not with the "I DGAF about my customers" attitude.

None of that says I should pay him $200/month.
Sorry. NOT sorry. 

Customer appreciation GOES A LONG WAY, PERIOD.
Show your customers that you VALUE their business
and they will continue to do business with you.
They will also give others reasons
why THEY should do business with you, too.

OR.... show them you DGAF about them, and lose them. Forever.
Even before you get them....

Anyway, with the cursing aside....
And my personal opinions aside....

Just remember, people are watching you.
When they get to know you, they'll be watching.
They'll quote you like I did with RB.
I don't care how good his books are or how much he is worth....
His attitude doesn't do it for me, period.
Even if his 'product' was more 'affordable.'

All he seems to care about is how many books he sells,
how many 'active members' he has,
how much money he's making.

He doesn't look at his 'active members' as customers.
There is ZERO customer appreciation
with MOST businesses.
As a result, they LOSE customers.

Not to mention customer service....
If your customer service SUCKS, you'll lose customers.

It doesn't mean you have to kiss their butts....
It means that you don't treat them like CRAP.
AND expect them to want to do business with you in the future....

For an example: (It has to do with business and customer service).

I've paid for certain services and got ripped off.
I'm currently dealing with lawyers and insurance agents in one case.
Because I was going to go on vacation
and the bus we were on, CRASHED. We got INJURED.
The customer service for that company was super CRAP. 😡
It took 5 DAYS for them to ship our luggage back
to a city that is only 5 hours away! 😡
If your service INJURES someone, make them a priority!
I probably wouldn't have gone to the lengths that I had to go
just to get COMPENSATION
Then, that would have improved my experience with them.
Greatly, even significantly.
Instead of the 'customer care line'
giving me different numbers to call
and running me in circles
because nobody wanted to actually deal with the mess or with me.
Or even take the blame for something that was their fault. 😡

I left messages, I got angry. I was a customer.
We paid to get to a destination.
They had one job to do. Get us there, safely.

It wasn't JUST the accident. It wasn't JUST the injuries.
It was how we were TREATED in light of it ALL.
It made me NOT trust them.
It made me NOT want to pay for their services again.
It left a sour taste in my mouth.

Another example:
I had a business meeting with someone at a business.
Instead of meeting with me,
he sent someone else to deal with me. 😒

That didn't sit well with me.
Honor your meetings.

Meet with the people you're supposed to meet with.
Because they won't be customers very long, if you don't.
THAT is poor customer service. 😒

For another example of customer service,
I had someone make a mistake when it came to an account.
Instead of blaming someone else for THEIR mistake....
They actually were decent and sent me an email

with a sincere apology!
That is what we like to see in business.  😍
I have MORE respect for those who can and will admit they were wrong.

People are bound to make mistakes. We aren't flawless human beings.
Nobody is perfect. Nobody.

But the DECENT thing to do is ADMIT it.
And then, correct it. 😎

Customer appreciation,
Customer service,
and customer experience
are ALL very important.
To the overall experience.

If they have a great experience, they will return.
They'll even rave about you. 😎

No matter what their experience, good or bad,
they will tell people about it.
They are most likely going to talk about CRAP experiences, though.
CRAP experiences aren't just frustrating, they are stressful.
Nobody wants added stress. Goes without saying, truly.

Something to think about. 🤔


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