Friday, July 17, 2020

Recording, Editing, Videos & More!

The last few days, I've been recording videos.
I'm just as crap narrating as I'd be on camera, hahaha.
(Debating whether or not I should release the last ones I did).
I could leave them there and be all like...
"Look how bad I was when I first started!" 😂

I've found a bunch of free tools...
On top of the tools I've been making videos of.

I got a list of some pretty cool ones to add to the list on here.
It'll end up being a pretty long list.
I found some really good ones that I've been paying for, for free.

Anyway, been testing out some free stuff
and want to test some other stuff out.

I want to see what can be done with it.
Specifically these tools by Growth Tools.
They will be added to the list, too.

Found some good videos on youtube, also.
There are a bunch of teachers on Youtube,
doing vlogs and stuff, teaching how they use some of the tools.

I find that teaching, coaching, and mentoring etc is the way to go.
People pay a lot of money for information, but to be taught....
That is a service....

And, yes, some people are hard to teach.
And yes, some things are hard to learn.
But we do our best with what we've got.

Doing videos is a different beast for me.
For one, I don't like going on camera.
For two, I sound like a teenager. (It's true). 😂

I don't script any of my videos.
And I mess up, a lot.

Luckily I can edit my screen captures,
but editing is another beast for me, too.

I'd spend over an hour filming something that turns out
less than 10 minutes long.
Just for having to restart the video... Many times
And having to pause for noise in the hallway...
Having to pause for many reasons.

And I'm self concious. So I get nervous while recording.
All the while knowing that I'm messing up.

Someone told me: "Done is better than perfect."

So I try to have a task to complete.
Whether it is recording, or writing, or research....

Some days, I learn a lot, but don't get a lot done.
Some days, I get a lot done, but haven't learned a lot.
So I try to balance it out, the best that I can.

And one of the best ways to learn and only ways to really learn it
is by actually doing it.
That is where the testing comes in.
At times I feel like I'm testing myself, too.
To see how much I can take... Hahaha. 😂

To be fair, I'm trying to get where I'd like to be in a couple of years.
And that's a bit of a stretch from where I'm at. Honestly.

Been looking at the e-learning model, though.
I was looking at it a few years ago, too.

I just know that with my voice, it would be hard.
Maybe there is some secret prize for worst tutorials hahaha. 😂
People would buy it just to see how bad it is 😂

Seriously, PLR can be used for online courses.
It can be used for a variety of things.
Blog posts, pod casts, videos, courses, membership sites etc.

Been looking at Google Slides. 😍
It'll be in one of my next videos.

Saw some teachers doing some pretty neat stuff.
Including animation, with slides.
Then she went to a website and imported her slides,
and her slides were turned into a .gif.

So there's a lot I've been learning about over the past couple of days.
I'll be adding some more videos on here.

Videos that I find helpful.... I'd love to share.
So I'll be adding some of my stuff with other people's stuff.
Nothing wrong with: "Hey, I like this. Hope you do, too."

Thanks for the views on my latest video....
Much appreciated! 😍


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