Friday, July 3, 2020

About Cookies

A law was made about cookies.
By the European Union.
Specifically, about notifying EU visitors to your site
that your site uses them.

It's important to be compliant with this law as it carries a hefty punch.
In the terms of there being a HUGE fine.

Luckily, there is a site (that I personally use)
that generates a script for you that you can put onto your website.

Just copy the script they give you and paste it into your website (or blog).

This counts as a privacy policy:

I keep all your information private.
I just use cookies for statistics. To see how the blog is doing
in terms of visitors and stuff like that.
Specifically, in terms of view counts for posts...
(It helps to keep me motivated ↲↲).

If you want a cool blog like this, you can get one at:

(They'll even let you know that you need to be compliant.

That's super cool of them!)

Rock on, Blogger!

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