Friday, July 3, 2020

How I Registered My Business Online

I was looking for a way to register my business online.
Didn't want to haul my butt down to city hall and stand in line.
(We are limiting the number of people in public places over here).

Anyway, after some research, I came across a company called:

This company is a business registration company for CANADA.
SORRY, my American friends! (And friends abroad)!

Also, important to note is that they are serving:
Ontario, Alberta, and B.C right now.
They have plans for adding more provinces.

They have plans for adding a site builder and selling domains.
They have an affiliate program:

You get $20/registration
and you get $50/incorporation. 
(Something to look into, eh?)

They pay out with PayPal and Stripe. 
And must be at least $25 to pay out.
So you gotta have at least 2 registration referrals
or at least 1 incorporation referral.

It was super EASY and FAST.

I'm glad I registered with them because now....
I'm a business


(Disclaimer: Some of the links I add to this blog are affiliate links).

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