Saturday, July 4, 2020

What's PLR? MRR? BRR? PUR?

Not everyone knows what PLR is
and that's why I want to write about it.
I want to define some other terms, too.

So what is PLR? 
PLR is Private Label Rights.

What does that mean?
It means that you get a license with the product
which allows you to rebrand it, and repurpose it, 

and you can sell it as your own... 

A lot of businesses need content for their websites....
A lot of business owners don't have the time to write their own stuff.
(Or they don't know what to write).

So instead of hiring someone to write for them,
(which gets expensive when you need more content)
they buy PLR products like articles and ebooks, even software
that they can use for their websites, etc.
(Under the conditions of the license that comes with the product).

So it is important to read the license to see what you CAN do with it
and what you CAN'T do with it.

However.... There's MRR
which stands for Master Resell Rights.

Which means that you can sell it to others
to sell AS PLR! 

Selling to others to sell to others. 
And selling to others to sell to others TO sell to others.

If it seems complicated, it's really not.

BRR means Basic Resell Rights.
So you are limited with what you can do with it

under the terms of the license,
but you can still resell it.

PUR stands for Personal Use Rights. 
Which means it is ONLY for personal use.
There is no license that comes with it that allows you to resell it.

Coming up, in the next couple weeks, I'll be putting together some packages.

I've got a lot of stuff about internet marketing.
I have a lot of PLR and MRR products and will be setting up a store.

There are different sites I will be talking about
where you can set up a store for your PLR products.

I will be writing about these sites soon.
I may even make some videos to show you how to set things up. 
(If you want to see how to set up the products in a store,
let me know in the comments).

No start up fees to set these stores up.
They will only charge you to process the payments.
Not to use their sites.
So if you don't sell anything, you're not stuck paying out your ears and eyes.

We will be discussing how to get others to sell for you.
Yes, you can get your own affiliates!
You will have to pay them commisions for the sales they make.
WELL WORTH IT. They are helping you make money.

The more affiliates you have, the better chance you stand to make money.
AND.... The amount you can make increases.

Also, the more affiliate programs you join, the more chance you have
of making money through them, too. 

There are lots of streams of income.
It's not always easy to get the sales, at first, but when you do....
You'll be thanking your lucky stars.

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