Monday, July 6, 2020

What's An Auto Responder & What Does It Do?

Before I started with this internet marketing stuff,
I always wondered how I got an email so fast
after I signed up for one of those free gifts....

As it turns out, there is a system set up by a service
called an autoresponder.

What it does is captures email addresses for you
of those people who sign up to get the free gift
or take the free course, or watch the free video....

Then it sends those people the information they requested.
Automatically. It automatically responds to them.
Which is why it is called an autoresponder.

Because business owners have a lot of stuff to do.
They can't sit around their offices and just send emails to people all day.
If that were the case, there wouldn't be a need for autoresponders.

But they are a really cool tool to use.
And they do exactly what they are designed to do.

However, you have to be aware that some people
will be using 'throwaway' email addresses
and sometimes the emails you send won't always hit their inboxes.
(In most cases they do, but there are times
that the emails hit another folder in your email
like promos or even spam.

So it is a good idea to check the deliverability of your emails
and check the bounce rates and this sort of thing.

It's also important to clean your list.
What that means is that you can remove people from your list
who aren't opening and reading your emails
and definitely remove email addresses if your emails are bouncing.
Which means that they are being sent to a closed or deleted account!

You want as many qualified buyers on your list as you can have.
Which are people who have bought from you before.
People who are likely to buy from you again.

Or even people who READ your emails.
Because they might forward your email to someone else to read.
And if they like your message, they might subscribe, too.

Don't know how to build an email list?
No worries! Neither did I when I first started.
All I knew how to do was to create an opt in form
and how to post the embed code onto my web pages.

BUT... That's a start! We all have to start somewhere.
It's what we do and keep doing that either gets us results or doesn't.

"If you want something you never had before,
you must do what you have never done before."

If you want a successful business,
you must do what will help your business grow.

Otherwise you can act like you have a business all you want,
but until you start getting down to business....
You'll either sink or swim. Up to you.

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