Monday, July 6, 2020

The Motivation

It wasn't to be well known or well liked.
That's not why I started with this.
It was to try to prove something to myself. Not to anyone else.

There were times in the past that I was really struggling.
Even when I first started my business.

Luckily, I had a little bit of money saved up to get started.
But even that little bit of money wasn't going to do me much good
if I couldn't get 'the show on the road.'

Even when I started this blog, which wasn't too long ago,
I was wondering if anyone was going to read it.
I have a very few who still read my personal blog
and I keep it as anonymous as possible
because I don't want to mix my professional life
with my personal life.
Even before I became a business owner, I was blogging anonymously
and I prefered it that way.
I didn't want to put myself 'out there.'
And there are lots of reasons for that....

However, I had to start doing it and getting used to it
even with the apprehension or despite it.

Definitely more comfortable writing than I am with
getting in front of a camera....

I'm an introvert. But there are lots of internet marketers who are
and they have to push themselves to put themselves 'out there.'
Whether they like it or not.

I'm writing about it in a 'lead magnet' and taking a break from that
to write this. In it, I'm talking about how making yourself visible
inscreases brand awareness
and how buyers are more likely to buy from you, the more they know you.
And you are your brand. Especially for a sole proprietorship.

Also, it is then up to YOU to make or break your business.
That means you have a reputation at stake.
You can become infamous just as quickly as you become famous.

There are marketers who made some costly mistakes.
And those mistakes were publicized.

When you're a bigger name in the industry, people take notice
and when people take notice, they will talk about you.

When more people found out about who I am,
they started to watch me. "Who is she? What is she doing?"
I couldn't just simply keep my head down or just mind my business.
I was minding my business, but even then....
People started making it their business to get into mine.

Everyone's got an opinion and they aren't shy about voicing it.
Especially over social media.
Once word gets out that you did something or said something,
people know, and they REMEMBER.

Also, if someone you're friends with did something....
You become lumped in with them....

So when people started doing shady stuff, I couldn't associate with them.
When people started voicing opinions that weren't popular,
I couldn't associate with them.
I lost a lot of friends because of this.
Which is hard, because generally, I'm a loyal person.
Even to my detriment at times....

But for people to TRUST me, as a seller...
I had to do things ABOVE BOARD
and I even had to be careful about what I did and said behind closed doors.

Although there's still a such thing a personal privacy,
professionally, there isn't really such a thing.
When you're in business, you're in business
and that's what it's about.

If anything, it was to succeed to PROVE that if I can, so can YOU!

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