Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Keep Writing!

If you start blogging, you gotta keep writing.
And when you just start a blog, chances are, 
you're not going to have an instant following
and get instant views....

However, you have to keep writing 
as though you DO have an audience.
"What's the point of writing if nobody's going to read it?"
Someone asked me that once.... 

The point is that if you don't write,
there won't be anything TO read, period. 

I've heard people say: "Blogs are dead...."
They aren't. People still like to read. 
Especially if it's something they are going to learn from.

As a blogger, that's where YOU come in...
*Enter stage right*
YOU get to be the one they WANT to read about. 
Keep putting out the posts for them to read
and if they like what they read, they'll want to read more.

After I release the e-book I'm currently working on...
"The Art of Selling Online"
I'll be working on "How To Turn Words Into Gold."

One particular blogger (Christian Mihai) I've been following
is the creator and author of

As I'm writing this, that ONE blog has over 41 THOUSAND followers.
You can see why. He's good at writing, but not only that,
he's built a community around his blog.
He's not writing for himself, he's writing with his readers in mind.

How many followers would he have if he just wrote a few posts
and STOPPED writing before he got even 100 followers?
Certainly not 41 thousand....

It takes time. "Rome wasn't built in a day...." As they say.
Would the ancient ruins STILL be standing today
if they built the entire city in ONE day?
Probably not.

If you posted ALL your content in ONE day,
how much of it would people want to read?

For one of my blogs that I just posted poetry on....
As soon as I posted new poems, I had a fan reading them.
Granted, maybe a couple of actual fans. Just a couple,
But those were blogs I was posting to just to post on.

They weren't dedicated to any particular topic
and I wasn't driving traffic to those blogs, either.
They were more personal than anything.

The point is even a FEW fans... Is possible
WITHOUT driving traffic...
As long as your blog can be found on search engines....
Someone will find it. If they like it, they'll stick around.

The fact that YOU are reading this right now PROVES it isn't.

Starting out can be a bit of a struggle.
Especially for new bloggers, but READ about blogging.
Follow other bloggers. Read other blogs.
You will find you 'voice.' Once you do, people will read your stuff.
BUT they can't read it if there's nothing to read....

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