Monday, July 13, 2020

Google Tools

Google has a bunch of free tools to use.
There are some I didn't know existed. Honestly.

A couple of them are:

Google Sites

and Google Classrooms

I'm about to test these out.
And I'll be actually starting a YouTube channel....
To make some videos about cool things I find out about online.

(Making videos isn't my favorite thing to do,
but I upgraded on Screencast-o-matic
just so that I can make some videos to put up on youtube.

I'll make some unlisted videos just to put on this blog.

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to my readers.
You're giving me the encouragement to keep moving forward.
I appreciate you stopping by 🥰

Google sells domain names, too.
I found this out because I wanted a custom domain for this blog.
So you have the abilitiy to create a little site with google sites
and connect a custom domain to it.

Google Sites is pretty neat, as far as what you can do with it.
It's one of those editor type platform things,
but you can get creative with it.

This is why I love knowing some basic coding stuff.
Because I can add custom stuff to it.

I'll be showing you how to do stuff like this in the videos I'll be making.
I'm going to recommend some channels that I personally subscribe to.

Anyway, if you can't afford the tools like ClickFunnels....
And you want to get a little site out there,
even to pitch a product or something like that....

And yes, you can integrate stuff with it if you can embed it.
The embed tool thing is awesome.
That's what I use to put custom stuff on it.

I've been messing with it the last couple of days.
And I think it's neat.
There are some things that could be better,
but it's FREE, you can make as many as you want....
It's hosted BY Google.... It lives on your google drive.

You can use it in conjunction with google docs....
You can also use it in conjunction with other google tools...
There's quite a bit you can do with it.

Google Classrooms. I haven't tested it out a lot.
I think it's cool that it exists.
You can create a classroom
and the only ones who can enter have a code to enter.

So if you want to make a mini course, it's a good thing to test out.
If you don't have one of those fancy sites
with all those plug ins and stuff....
(Wordpress drives me crazy....
This is part of the reason that I'm using Blogger.
The other part is that Blogger is awesome!)

Check these out if you want to.
They can be a neat and free alternative
to using sites and tools if you're absolutely broke
and just starting out.


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