Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Announcements, Stats, & Pie

Been working on an e-book called: "The Art of Selling Online."
This will be FREE and I'll announce how you can get it when it's ready.

Also, I'll be trying some things with this blog.
Testing some things out, to see what I can do with it.
I have some ideas and want to see if they will work.

Another thing.... I will be sharing some videos on here soon.
A marketing friend is putting out some great marketing videos
on his youtube channel. He gave me permission to share them on here.

It's awesome to encourage one another.
Part of why I started this blog, actually.

I want to help to inspire and encourage others
to try new things, to check things out, to learn new stuff.
Stuff that can help you grow.
"The more you know, the more you grow."

Wasn't planning on doing this, but I wanted to show you
that you can still get views with ZERO followers.
As per the privacy policy, I won't show ALL the stats,
only the views....

I started this blog less than a week ago
and haven't driven ANY traffic to it, yet.

This is likely from people stumbling through the blogs
and coming across mine.

Zero followers so far.... Less than a week in....
Already over 100 views.
It's possible, folks! I'm showing you.

And I intend to showing you much, MUCH, MORE!
I may even make some videos, *cringe.*
I still shudder at the thought of going on video.

It won't stop me from showing videos or recommeding channels.
I'm all for promoting stuff that I think is good.

I want you to learn as much as I can show you.
As much as you can STAND.

But at the same time, I want to keep it light
as not to overwhelm you with the amount of info.

I'm learning stuff every day and still trying new stuff.
There are so many ways to start an income stream online.
I'll be talking about some.
The PLR I've got lined up is all in the MMO niche.
(Make Money Online).

We'll be talking about different niches and stuff like that, soon.
There are so many. MMO is an evergreen niche.
Which means that there are always going to be people
looking for ways to make money online.

Especially in the light of being quarantined....

There's a saying that goes:
"The people who sold the shovels to the miners
made more money than the miners."

That's referring to the "Gold Rush."
The ones selling the shovels were guaranteed to make money,
the ones digging for gold weren't.
Because they never knew when they were going to strike gold
or IF they were....
But, they knew there was gold "in them here hills." *Cue accent*

E-commerce is HUGE. Just last year ALONE,
it was worth 3.5 TRILLION dollars.
By next year it's expected to jump to 4.1 TRILLION dollars.

Guess who is getting a HUGE chunk of that?!
The people selling the TOOLS.

Think about it.... Autoresponder services... As one example.
Another example are payment processors....

Think about 5% of each transaction....
Which is what some payment processors charge....

That's a BIG chunk of pie.
And I bet it tastes really good!

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