Friday, July 10, 2020

A Bit About SEO & Business

Been curious about how Google ranks keywords.
I read in this article that Google doesn't support
meta tags for keywords.

 I wanted to add some keywords somewhere
to see if I can pop up in the search engine.

I'm in the top 2 for the search words "lucky star plr blog"
and only the posts I wrote about blogging show up there.
It's cool that I'm in the first 2 for those words.
But I'd like to learn to rank for more words.

I was reading that the meta tags don't work for SEO anymore.

I was also on a call with someone from the bank.
Setting up my business account.

He pointed out that the Legal name of my business is the same as my name
because I registered a sole proprietorship.
I want it to be the name of he business I registered
as I can collect payments as my business name
and not as my personal name, if that makes sense.

So I tried calling Service Canada and it was frustrating
because they didn't answer my question
about changing my license
so that I could accept payments as my business name.

Can I or can I not get the name of my business
as the legal name of the business on my license?

That is all that I'm asking.

It can be confusing for a new business owner.
There are laws and rules and all kinds of things
that I'm still learning.

But when you have questions, it's important to get answers.
And it would be nice if the people we talked to
understood what we are asking about in the first place
so that we can get those answers.

I'm asking questions about a license.
To make changes to the license.
If changes need to be made, and in this case they do.

Because if I charge them as a business owner,
it is differently from charging them as a business.

I have to get this straightened out before I can even start doing business.

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