Tuesday, July 7, 2020

30 Minute Marketing

I've been watching Garry as he's been growing his youtube channel called

There's a lot of good stuff on his channel
and I recommend that you check him out.

He started his channel just 2 years ago and has over 2 THOUSAND subscribers.
It's important to note that a lot of traffic comes from video marketing.

Video marketing is huge and youtube is a free platform.
Plus, you can make money from your youtube videos
in more ways than one.

You can put links in your description box.
And have a call to action in the video where you tell people to click the link.

Anyway, I had to scroll wayyyyy down to find Garry's first video.
I will be adding more to the blog as time goes on....

Without further Ado.... Here's Garry! Enjoy!
(And subscribe)!

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